Stop arguing over the music.

With Bump, everyone gets to pick the songs they want to hear.
You’ll never fight about what's playing again.

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Party Mode: Anytime, Anywhere.

Transforming how we listen together, one song at a time. It's easy:


1. Host

Get started in seconds. Just pick a song, plug in some speakers, hit start and let your friends join.

2. Join

Whether you're hitting the club or hanging with friends, use the map to join the parties around you.

3. Play

Everyone picks the songs they want to hear! If enough people skip what's playing, it's on to the next.

Take Back Control.

Download Bump today and start focusing on having fun with the people you love instead of worrying about the music.

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Express yourself like never before.

There hasn't been a great way to share
the music you love... until now.

Stream all Day

Connect to Spotify or Apple Music and gain access to all your music.

Find Friends

Music is better with friends. Add each other and start sharing music effortlessly.

Your Profile

Make a statement and tell the world who you are through your favorite songs.


Post to Feed

New single from your fav artist? Post songs to the feed for all your friends to discover.

Add to Library

Find something you like? Add it to your Spotify or Apple Music library.

Cross Platform

Use Spotify but a friend uses Apple Music? With Bump, that's not a problem.

Watch the Video
It's a new way to play.

Your Music Is Who You Are.

Our job is to empower you to share and express your unique taste in music
with those around you, connecting you with others in a brand new way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, but we highly recommend it. We've added Spotify and Apple Music but still support your local library in party mode if need be.

Yes. Currently, party mode is designed for things like birthdays, bbqs, pool parties, etc. Just don't drop your phone in the water!

No. Music only plays from the host's phone- whoever starts the party. We're working on adding multi-output support.

Bump is for everyone. We're working on integrating more of your favorite platforms every day. Stay tuned for more updates.

Most people have automatic updates turned off. Updating Bump to the most current version in the app store almost always fixes things. If it doesn't, please reach out to us below.

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